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Engine Cleaning

An important part of vehicle detailing includes skilled and experienced engine cleaning from auto body experts equipped with the necessary knowledge to help ensure peak engine performance. Teknikolor Kustoms Collision recommends steam cleaning your engine compartment to not only help retain the value of your vehicle and as part of an overall maintenance plan, but to ultimately help keep your vehicle’s engine cooler through the removal of grease, grime and dirt.

Benefits of Engine Cleaning

  • Reduces the chances of an engine fire
  • Extends the life of your car engine
  • Identification of any fluid leaks and other engine hazards
  • Improves appearance – A clean engine reflects good maintenance when it is time to see or trade-in

Engine Grease Buildup Removal

Grease and oil that accumulate beneath the hood of your vehicle can damage rubber components, electric wires, hoses and insulation. Oil on the outside of an engine can cause several problems since the motor relies on free flowing air to keep cool. When dirt and grease are left to accumulate on an engine, the motor temperature will gradually rise and prevent cooling when the vehicle is in motion. Teknikolor Kustoms Collision engine cleaning services include top and bottom cleaning of your motor that allows easier identification of any potentially hazardous engine problems.

Steam Cleaning Your Engine

Powerful steam cleaning should be carried out by experienced professionals only, as an engine compartment is comprised of many tiny and relatively fragile components. Our experienced staff uses specialty steam cleaning equipment in combination with exclusive engine spray cleaners that provide increased safety as well as spotlessness.

Engine Flush

Most responsible vehicle owners receive regular oil changes as part of good vehicle maintenance. Although most oil filters protect your engine by successfully preventing tiny particles from invading it, even the best filters can’t prevent built up sludge from forming into deposits that can interfere with an engines proper functioning. When these problems occur and an oil change isn’t enough to rectify the situation, Teknikolor Kustoms Collision’s automotive experts offer a practical engine flush as a beneficial alternative to avoid more costly difficulties down the road.

Engine flushes may not be necessary for vehicles that have undergone regular upkeep, but are usually recommended in the following cases:

  • If a vehicle has had recent internal engine repairs
  • When purchasing a used car with an unknown maintenance record
  • For vehicles that have not had regular oil changes

Learn more about extending the life of your engine with cleaning and flushing methods from the auto body experts at Teknikolor Kustoms Collision.

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The Teknikolor Kustoms Collision mission is to offer the motorists efficient, honest and courteous service for any auto body repair requirement. When you opt for engine cleaning services, you are not only getting experienced vehicle detailing, but also providing your vehicle with the best possible maintenance from our team of experienced auto body specialists. Visit our location today or contact us with any questions you may have regarding the upkeep of your car, truck, or motorcycle.